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Booster Conference 2022

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Booster is a software conference for the entire team. That means if you’re a developer, project manager, architect, UX professional, tester or security professional, we have something for you!

Our goal is that you come back from the conference with real knowledge you can use. That’s why interactive, hands-on workshops fill up most of the hours of the conference. We also have lightning talks, a few short talks, a couple of keynotes and open spaces.

We focus on long breaks for networking, provide excellent coffee and good food!

The Booster conference 2022 will be held physically at Radisson Blu Royal Hotel. Our program for this year is even bigger than before and with lots of great speakers!

As we cannot foresee how the situation regarding the pandemic will be in March next year, we are planning for the worst but hoping for the best. We are looking into digital solutions if necessary, as well as hybrid ones. The conference will either way be held in a responsible matter, in one form or another!

More information on our webpage.

All prices includes Norwegian VAT (merverdiavgift).